Figurative Art

Creative expression is essential to the flow of my life. I strive for my art to speak in a language requiring no words, helping us to recognize this invisible thread that connects us all.

Prior to venturing into digital media I’ve painted with acrylic paints on canvas, and with charcoal and pastel on paper. In some of my paintings I’ve also incorporated intricately designed fabrics, pumice, gels, and other mixed media.

My paintings have been exhibited at varies Galleries and Museums and featured in Southwest Art Magazine. My work has received numerous awards and recognition, and can be found in private collections across the United States, Canada and Europe.

Here are some of the figurative art paintings I’ve created:

dream  Love at first sight  power

Pluto Abducting Persephone - Art by Gordana Figurative Art  Cornered - Art by Gordana Figurative Art  Introspection - Art by Gordana Figurative Art

Longing - Art by Gordana Figurative Sample  Red and Nude Sample - Art by Gordana Figurative Sampe  Encounter - Art by Gordana Figurative Art Sample

Rebirth of Venus - Art by Gordana Figurative Art Sample  Lyre Player - Art by Gordana Figurative Art Sample  Angel - Art by Gordana Figurative Art Sample

Portraits, Abstract & Still LifeNature GalleryGraphic Design, and Tarot Cards Illustrations are also here to be explored. 

I am a member of the international Contemporary Figurative Artists Community.

Prints and some originals are available for purchase.

If you have been nudged to see more of my fine art paintings, or you would like to learn more about a specific piece of art that you’ve seen here that speaks to your heart, and would like to buy it, or would just like to share your comments about any of my art creations, please contact me.

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