Tarot Pink- Six of Cups Card Interpretation

In this deck Six of Cups card represents giving and receiving, compassion, self-love, looking toward  the future rather than dwelling in your past.

The self-love is reflected in treating yourself as you would treat your beloved, best friend, by making yourself and your healing a priority. This card advises you not to perceive your body as an enemy, or as someone who had betrayed you, undermined your life dreams and plans by having this disease. It also warns you that being fixated with the past will halt progress towards healing.

It encourages you to love your beautiful, wise body. Make peace with it by sending kindness, tenderness, unconditional love to it that will create a deep, and intimate understanding. It guides you to look into all the symptoms you are having at the moment, as the signals of your body’s communication, while it’s working to renew itself on all levels. Honor yourself with the open heart of an innocent young child.

Each of these six cups, as part of the Suit of Cups, is representative of the water element, and is depicted as a nautilus shell, supported by the gold filigree. These caps symbolize interconnectedness, renewal, continuity, and expansion. As nautilus grows it creates new, bigger chambers that are perfectly proportionate and connected. This continual spiral shell is lined with mother-of-pearl, and has the geometric ratio found in all aspects of nature, known as the golden ratio. Thus, the gold around the shell enforces this image of nature’s perfection, embodying our bodies as well.

Envision that each of these six cups symbolizes the love of self, and infuses every cell of your body, healing your wounds on a physical, emotional, and spiritual level.

I dedicate this card to my mother, who died from breast cancer in February, 2015.